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Job Posted: 3 years ago
City: Lahore
Tags: C# / .Net Developer
Full Time / 20
Sun, 04-10-2015

Job Description

A multinational software house is looking for 10 .NET developers with 3-5 years experience in C#, WCF & SQL Server. should be able to communicate with client directly, experience in Azure and financial applications is highly desirable.

Essential core skills (candidates must have solid commercial experience of these areas):
1) C# (.NET 3.5 or later)
2) WCF
3) Microsoft SQL Server

Essential Exposure (candidates must have worked with these 3 or more of these technologies, but may not necessarily have high levels of expertise):
1) LINQ to Objects.
2) XML (create/understand schemas, XSLT, serialisation, familiar with both .NET XML libraries).
3) Basic understanding of multi-threading/concurrency issues.
4) Some knowledge of C# Async will beneficial.
5) Any knowledge of Mobile Phone apps or Mobile technologies (e.g. SMS/SMPP, USSD, NFC, push notifications) will be a highly appreciated.

Useful skills:
1) TFS
2) MSBuild
3) Banking software interfaces (e.g. ISO 8583)
4) Experience of Agile development (Scrum, XP etc.)
5) Test Driven Development
6) SOLID design principles
8) ASP.NET MVC with Telerik controls
9) Understanding of communications protocols and security issues.
10) System performance & health monitoring.
11) PowerShell.

Last Date to Apply
Thu, 08-10-2015
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